Otto (work in progress)

As I’m trying to balance work and school it’s been especially difficult to dedicate time to my art.. here is a drawing I’ve been working on typically before bed when I have a bit of time to spare. It started off as a small doodle but now I kinda wanna make this into something more, maybe a sticker design, or even a shirt? As obsessed as I am with drawing Otto I have made my own shirt of him yet, unfortunately I’m far too indecisive to pick a design..

I’m trying to challenge myself to capture more dynamic poses, since I find I usually revert back to the same poses I’m accustomed to.. If I want to make my own comic in the near future I have to really break out of my comfort zone. I also need to start drawing backgrounds, which I absolutely HATE.. but its necessary. These are a few things I hope to incorporate into the next pieces I create, baby steps..

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