Final Blog Post

CT101 out of all the classes I took this semester has just been a chill and creative outlet where I can express myself in the work I create. The open-endedness of the course allowed me to hone in on the things I am genuinely interested in. Although I’ve always found it difficult to express myself, writing things out and forcing myself to reiterate the process of my work through words has made it easier to not only to remember what I learned, it has also influenced my work in the other courses I’ve taken this semester. The assignments I often find myself struggling to write, those extensive research papers and artist statements, seemed a little easier after I started my blog. I understand the importance of confidently articulating myself, and how it applies to everything I do in all aspects of my life, from work and school, even though I hate to do so.

I’ve created quite a few pieces for this class which I enjoyed such as my Frida Khalo portrait GIF, but my absolute favorite creation of all is my Vaporwave assignment! I documented my process of creating the final piece there. I listen to vaporware all the time but I’ve never created a piece of art using the aesthetic before. Although there were parameters for the assignment, (in terms of color scheme,types of images, etc.) the loose boundaries made it so fun to just create whatever I wanted! The piece is called Giorno after the character I placed in the center, the main protagonist in one of my favorite anime at the moment, JoJo Bizzare Adventure. I never like what I make, but I enjoyed this piece so much I made it my computer background.. so did a few of my friends!

The class wasn’t easy though, I ran into a lot of annoying obstacles. The most annoying assignments was capturing my panoramic imagesgetting everyone to stand still and keeping my hand steady… click the link to read up on the process of completing that one. The most difficult process of all was the creation of my website. I dedicated  A LOT of time understanding WordPress, (which I have never used before this course) It was a roller-coaster in itself and lots of trial and error in the process. I somehow managed to mess-up my entire website and broke the link! I contacted Reclaim Hosting directly and by submitting a ticket and they solved the issue in a day! Once I got the issue resolved I spent most of the time editing my page.. as simple as it may seem I probably spent several hours getting something I was confident in. It took some time to get the hang of it all.. which I can say I feel I have the basics down. Luckily, I have fiends who took the same course as me and I had their knowledge to refer to when I ran into specific questions! YouTube also has an infinite amount of videos which helped in my learning process as well. I’ve got more to learn.. but I’ll get to that as I continue to expand on my site.

I’ve wanted to create a website for a very long time now, a lot of things held me back… a lack of knowledge, self-confidence, and more. I’m grateful this course was the stepping-stones I needed to let me to create my own site, to explore my art, and consider my future all at my own pace. I decided to dedicate this site to my character Otto and the comic I want to create centered around him. Unfortunately, with all my other assignments I can only draw for a limited amount of time.. I didn’t make the progress I wanted at this point but I will continue to use this site even after the semester ends to expand on Otto and document my own comic process!

As far as my grade, I believe I’ve earned an A. My attendance I can admittedly say is my downfall, which I blame on the awful holiday retail hours I work. It was hard for me to balance work and my five classes this semester… I put a lot on my plate and I was, overwhelmed, to say the least. My GIF post, an accumulation of the first GIF I’ve created and one of my very first blog post is still VERY relevant and it still accurately describes how I’m feeling now. I created a new one to commemorate how I’m feeling at the end of the semester… I’m just glad it’ll be over soon and I’m excited to finally  graduate and earn my degree. All in all, despite what grade I’m given I’m glad I decided to take such a refreshing and innovative course that allowed my to create and express myself at my own pace.